Qi Wireless Charging vs. Standard Wireless Charging With a fast paced environment and trend in the technology, Qi enabled devices are on the hip nowadays. It is evident to the new mobile releases and even to some new gadget like camera, mouse, watches and others. But how we differentiate the Qi Wireless Charging to Standard Wireless charging? Is this something important that we can offer through branding and marketing industry? What is really Qi-Certified Wireless Charger A “QI” name can only be used if the wireless item is certified, means it passed to various tests. This is also an extremely thorough test for safety and energy efficiency guaranteeing fast charging, no overheating and overloading phones – in a safe and reliable wireless charging experience. Thus, it works properly on a QI enabled devices, does not interfere with any other electronics like navigational systems and other wireless items and it is easy and intuitive to use.