From email to personal banking to health apps, we’re increasingly using our mobile devices to help us manage our day-to-day lives.

RFID, Bluetooth, Wireless and so on, but are you aware of the so-called NFC? NFC (Near Field Communication) is what enables two devices to communicate wirelessly when they’re close together. NFC is actually a subset of something called RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification),a technology that allows us to identify things through radio waves. To date, one of the more common uses for NFC is identification cards to gain access to places like office buildings and private garages. But increasingly, NFC is being used to power something called “contactless” payments. The speed of NFC transactions is a huge plus for business.After all, fast transactions mean more sales. What if we Use NFC to Promote Brand? Our Creative Team decided to outsmart the idea of basic branding to help you build sales and stronger customer relationships. Integration of NFC to gifts and Promotional Items might be new to some but it is one big step in blending the technology to traditional gifts and promotions.


  • Access Control - NFC Item can store details that has wireless connection access on whoever taps on it, i.e. parking access card that has NFC inside, wifi access unit/card  etc.
  • Information Exchange - or Digital Identity can be used in business cards or business profile cards
  • Social Media access - Easy contact in websites, social media accounts and other linking data that can be used in one tap away using NFC.
  • A Gif to a Gift - added value to a gift and promotional items if there is NFC technology installed inside.